Waist Training – A New Craze

A new craze has started and women are lining up to try their luck. If you are active on social media sites you might have seen photos of Amber Rose, Snooki, and the Kardashian sisters Kim and Khloe wearing corsets or someone in the gym wearing one. People think it’s just an old fashion trend making its comeback, but it is not. They are wearing corsets not for fashion purposes but for “waist training”. Some might already be familiar, but for those who are not, waist training is the process of reducing the waist line little by little with training corsets, which means you are training your waist to become smaller.

Waist training and training corsets started in the 16th century in Crete and became really popular during the Victorian era. It has been worn as an undergarment and an outer-garment in some European countries. In the early 1900s, dress reforms and feminists gave up corsets because of their health threatening effects. It made a comeback during the 1960’s and 1990’s as underwear. Fast forward 2014, it started to make waves again as popularized by celebrities.

waist training corset results

Many women are doing it to achieve an hourglass figure especially, those who are not blessed with tiny waists and who went through pregnancy. You may be surprised that there are now online and physical stores selling waist-trainers in different colors, sizes, materials and style. Latex or spandex cinchers are the most popular because you can wear them to the gym and they are much more comfortable than steel bone corsets.

According to experts modern waist training needs 3 things in order to work: waist-trainers, proper diet, and exercise. People who are new to waist training are advised to strengthen their core first before starting. It is also recommended to wear it at least 2-4 hours a day for starters in order to get used to body restrictions caused by waist-trainers. After that, you can already start wearing it to the gym and work out. Relying on waist-trainers alone will not be effective; otherwise, it will only become a temporary solution without proper diet and exercise.

Although many have attested that waist training did indeed reduce the size of their waists, medical professionals say that there is no really permanent way of making the waist smaller. They also said that there are health risks in using waist cinchers like rib and organ damage. There are even times when you will feel some discomfort and lack of oxygen when wearing it. Ever since the Victorian era, health issues regarding corsets have been huge topics of debate.

Whether you are trying to cut off a few inches on your waist or just someone who is curious if this waist training can truly do wonders to your body, it is best to check with your physician first if you can do waist training. If your M.D says yes, think if you really need and want to do it because there are alternatives to reduce your waist line. If this craze is going to be a big thing and will last a long time is something we’ll have to see.

This is something I’ve decided to try, and I’m going to document it on my blog! Stay tuned!

Fringe Sighting

**I’m going to preface this by saying there is a slight possibility of SPOILERS if you’re an avid Fringe fan. There’s no plot details, but I do mention what I saw while watching the filming. Just sayin’…**

Last week Phill and I decided to do lunch in the city together. We passed a street that was blocked off with a police car and stopped to have a look, since the police man was just leaning against his car looking rather disinterested so we figured it wasn’t a crash or crime scene or anything. There were a few taxis lined up inside the barriers, which wouldn’t have been that strange except they were clearly labeled “NY TAXI” and well, we weren’t in New York. We realised they were filming something and that meant the possibility of famous people being around, so we headed across the road for a closer look.

It turned out they were filming Fringe, which is of course a pretty popular science fiction show right now. Phill watches it – I used to, but stopped after the first season. However, that didn’t make me any less excited to see Joshua Jackson and John Noble! We saw Joshua standing in the middle of the road chatting to some people and later, John Noble was sitting on top of a bus. Random, but I guess somehow Walter ends up on the top of a Vancouver bus and calls out to Peter to help him down… just as the bus starts to move. We watched them do a couple takes of the scene, but my stomach was rumbling so we left them to it while we went to find some food.



We saw John’s stunt double hanging around and I was surprised the real John was up on top of the bus, but once they started filming we understood why – he had lines to deliver. We couldn’t see how he was tied down, but he had to be, right? Especially since the bus moves at the end of the scene!

It was pretty cool and the filming crew were very easy-going with the crowds gathering – there were even people hanging around to be extras in the background. We could have ended up in a future episode of Fringe, but alas, I was too hungry. Maybe next time!

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Happy Australia Day!


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